Reading Project

Posted by Divya at Friday, April 29, 2011
I can't believe that it has been a year since my last review. I have read books on and off, decided to revive the blog on and off and like a circle I have landed where I left off! Yes, I am on Harry Potter again and just to keep tandem with the final movie release this summer, I am going book 7 to book 1.

Parallely, I have decided to go on a book project, like pick up a clunker 1000+ page book and complete it like a task. Well I am hoping it will put me back into the review mode, for I haven't read a book interesting enough to review in recent times. So here are the two books (clunkers) I am going with for my project -

The Pillars of the earth - Ken Follett
(Was my 2009 birthday gift and I haven't flipped it yet!)
The infinite Jest - David Foster 
( which I heard requires a lot of dedication and time. I have borrowed the book and if I make progress beyond half the book, I am thinking of buying it.)

So there you go.. Thats my reading project this summer and I am hoping to post updates as I go!



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