Anne of Green Gables

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The only regret I had, as I devoured this wonderful classic, was I had not known about the book when I was a kid. It made me feel that I had missed an important part of childhood, not knowing Anne; but then this book doesn’t fail to amaze anybody at any age, it is truly timeless.

Maud’s writing is mesmerizing and almost throughout the book, you may be smiling, imagining and day dreaming, like our lovable protagonist Anne. Anne is the classic talkative, day-dreamer, who wouldn’t ever let go of her childhood dreams. She is that innocent optimist, we all were at eleven, who believes in the beauty of nature and dotes on imaginations as life. And with such a colorful character for company, there is never a dull moment in the book.

Anne is brought up by Marilla and Matthew, who are contrasting characters and equally interesting. Maud cleverly factors the unpleasant details of Anne, as the orphan, before she comes to green Gables and skips matters of poverty, illness and crime which are quiet prevalent in the farming communities of Canada, during the era she refers to in the book.

The sensible, plain yet full of inexpressible love, is Marilla, who is quick to counter Anne’s unprecedented imaginations with “FiddleSticks!” On the other hand is Matthew, who going by the taciturn disposition, has very few lines in the book; but has enough presence by the descriptions and body language. It is not difficult to understand that a gregarious person like Anne, was the sweetheart of the school had many friends ('Bosom' one being Diana) and even arch enemies!

Towards the last few chapters, one would miss the Anne we had known to get into mischief, blunder due to her 'hopeless-romanticism', and exclaim about everything that gave a ‘thrill’! The diligent, ambitious and matured Anne still had the child in her, though her transition is well rendered, you miss the child like a parent!

Anne may be one of the most honest and sanguine characters ever created. She can always put a smile on your face, leave you in giggles and embrace childhood like never before!

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