Crow Lake

Posted by Divya at Monday, April 27, 2009

By Mary Lawson

Crow lake was my first book for the Orbis Terrarum. Set in the isolated farming communities of northern Canada the book tells a tale of a determination and faith. The opening paragraph of the novel, I daresay, is the real stunner; The single best sentence that carries the crux of the story and keeps you engaged to burn the night lamp and finish the book.

The story unfolds through the narration of the protagonist, who after having been the sole success of the Morrison clan, continues to remain in turmoil. The past has a stronghold on her like no other and that keeps you hooked to know what had really happened; what had gone wrong?

I loved the way she narrated without being teary-eyed and even peppered in humor from time to time. The tale is not a dark one, that pins on to irrevocable mistakes or torture. It is but family drama, we have all been part of sometime in our lives; Of brotherly wars, sibling misunderstandings, growing up before your age and running away from all that to start anew only to realize that the heart is where the home is, not matter what!

Lawson's idyllic writing about even the simplest things like the trip to the lake or genuine joy of doing dishes as a family are the real things to not miss about this book. The read is a feel good one, leaving you with an all's well that ends well feeling. Definitely an enjoyable read.



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