Kane and Abel

Posted by Divya at Tuesday, September 08, 2009

By Jeffery Archer

Having found a lot of recommendation for this novel and having enjoyed a couple of Archer books, I decided to read Kane and Abel to understand the fervor that surrounded it. Honestly, I might have very easily transcended the book to be an all-time-favorite, if only, I had read it when I was sixteen. It so happens that the impact books create has a lot to do with age and some are ageless.

Aside from that bout of regret, I must say that I loved the book. In parts the pace of the novel was in tandem with the likes of Sidney Sheldon in its quest for power, wealth, slums to riches. But other than that, the story was extremely well rendered and a pleasure to read.

Summarizing the book may be unnecessary; I may be but a few left on the planet that read the book so late in life. I must however mention that it is a book that must definitely not be missed. It’s inspiring, exalting, heart-breaking yet intriguing! Many a times I wanted to shake the protagonists and ask them to let go of the stubbornness and futile rivalry; and like an answer, the ending left me numb, if not close to tears. I look forward to reading prodigal daughter sometime, to continue understanding a saga that I never wanted to end!



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