Library Love

Posted by Divya at Monday, April 12, 2010
This week is apprently the National Libary week in the US.

I cant but stress more on the importance of libraries for the world in general. And I am a regular at the library in my town. The public libraries are totally well connected and offer many more services than just books. The one in my town has an entire section for children and promotes reading among them by organizing story times and the likes.

So this week, why not give that book shelf a glance; dust out the books you read once and tossed to the bottom of the pile and would never be motivated to read again. Why not donate them to a library and make someone else's day by getting them to read the book?? Or simply pay the library in town a visit and borrow a couple of books.

Happy library time everyone!


Anonymous said...

Donating to libraray is good, it's sad that in some counties they closing branches for cost-cut...

Pratima on April 23, 2010 at 3:26 AM said...

I absolutely loved the book cover page!! Will surely pick it up coz of that :)


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