Tom Marvolo Riddle returns

Posted by Divya at Sunday, January 17, 2010
I had mentioned a few months earlier that I am re-reading the HP series and signed up a challenge for the same. I had read the books almost eight years ago. I had never got around completing the 7th book, because, I was insistent that I should read them without a huge time gap and in succession.

I just got done with the fourth book and I can't but wait to devour the remaining three!

Prisoner of Azkaban was my first book at the age of fifteen, and I had picked it up with essay-writing-prize-money (money well spent, I say! ). However, I had picked the book, just to thwart the hype surrounding HP books and half-expecting to hate it! I can't be more glad that I didn't let the prenotion get the better of me.

Harry Potter books are a great revolution in reading and I can't be saying anything more about them than whats already lauded about! But, let me just end it saying that, I cannot but imagine being a reader and not knowing Harry.



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